Thursday, 10 March 2011

Emma watson menunda kuliahnya

Gadis berusia 20 tahun ini yang popular dengan filem fantasi harry potter dikatakan mahu menunda kuliahnya untuk memberi laluan kepada lakonan dalam filem harry potter. Dalam websitenya dia berbunyi:

Hi everyone
As you know, I love Brown and I love studying pretty much more than anything but recently I’ve had so much to juggle that being a student AND fulfilling my other commitments has become a little impossible.
I’ve decided to take a bit of time off to completely finish my work on Harry Potter (the last one comes out this summer) and to focus on my other professional and acting projects. I will still be working towards my degree… it’s just going to take me a semester or two longer than I thought : )
Hope you are all well! Thank you for all your continuing support.
Emma xx
diharap emma dapat menyiapkan penggambaran filem harry potter tersebut dan berjaya dalam bidang pelajaran..

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